Camillus: (315) 487-1541
Liverpool: (315) 652-1070

After Hours Care for Your Child

We realize that children have health care issues at times other than our office hours.  Our night/weekend “ON CALL” service offers advice from trained pediatric nurses when our office is closed.  These nurses have access to one of our Pediatricians if the problem is beyond their scope of their experience.

In some cases, your child’s injury or illness needs evaluation at an emergency facility.  We would recommend the Pediatric Urgent Care at Upstae/Community Hospital Campus (4900 Broad Rd, Syracuse) or the Pediatric Emergency Room at SUNY Upstate Hospital (750 E. Adams St, Syracuse).  At both of these locations, your child will be seen by physicians trained in pediatric emergencies.  We do not recommend the other area emergency rooms or urgent care settings as these facilities use physicians and mid-level providers that have much less experience with children.

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