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Protect your child from flu with flu vaccines at Pediatric Associates

Now that flu season is here, it is important to remember that the flu vaccine is the best way to prevent influenza and flu-related deaths.  The pediatricians at Pediatric Associates agree with the current national recommendations that all children 6 months and older be immunized against flu with a flu shot.  Additionally, healthy children over the age of 2 years, without underlying medical conditions, can receive a safe, reliable, pain-free intranasal version of the flu vaccine.  This reduces immunizing to a simple sniff up the nose, instead of a shot.  No more tears!

We have ample supply of flu vaccine at Pediatric Associates.  For your convenience, we schedule appointments for flu vaccines on weekdays and weekends alike.  Call our office to protect your child from the flu.

HPV vaccine is recommended for both boys and girls

Learn more about the HPV vaccine and the new recommendation to immunize both boys and girls with this safe and effective vaccine.

Welcome to our new physician!

We would like to welcome our newest physician, Dr. Esther Livingstone, to Pediatric Associates!  Dr. Livingstone graduated from Cornell University, magna cum laude, with a B.S. in biology.  She attended medical school and completed her pediatric residency training at SUNY Upstate Medical University.  Dr. Livingstone is married, and she and her husband like to spend time outdoors, including hiking, cross-country skiing, and gardening.

Newest Updates on our Parent Education Page!

Parent Education is part of our website that is regularly updated with information, useful links, and reading suggestions on topics that are of interest to parents.     If you haven’t browsed this part of our website yet, come and take a look! 

Newest posted topics include:

Updated recommendations for the HPV vaccine

Updated recommendations for the meningitis vaccine

Car safety seats at a glance

Resources for helping children cope with death and grief

Other previously posted topics include:

Sleep tips for tired parents who are trying to get their child to sleep

Information on healthy eating in children, and childhood obesity

The importance of reading with your child, including a recommended book list of favorites for children ages 2-6 years

Parenting help and advice for parents of infants, children, teens and tweens

Please check back frequently to our Parent Education site for regular updates on a variety of topics!

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