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Flu Vaccines have arrived!!! Call the office to schedule

All forms of the Flu vaccine have arrived in the office for children and infants > 6 months of age. Please call the office between 9am and 5pm Monday through Friday  to schedule your child for his or her vaccine.

We are holding Flu Clinics on certain Saturday and Sunday mornings.  Many of the currently scheduled clinics are already filled. We will be adding  more weekend appointments  during the months of October, November and December. Appointments during the week are also available.  If your child happens to have a sick or well child appointment in our office within the next few months, remember to ask for the flu vaccine.  The only time we don’t like to give the vaccine at a sick appointment is if your child is very ill.

Now is the best time for your child to get their flu vaccine as our supply is abundant and sometimes we have an influenza outbreak earlier than usual.  Last year we had our first outbreak in late October/early November when many of our patients had not yet received their vaccine.  The national supply of vaccine varies throughout the year depending on demand and production issues.  Periodically we run out of certain types of Flu vaccine and have to wait for shipments.  Call for your appointment soon.

For more information on the Flu vaccine and Influenza disease, go to the “Flu Vaccine Information” tab in the green bar above.

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