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Lice Treatment

It doesn't matter if hair is clean or dirty, head lice is a common problem found worldwide that usually affects school-aged children and their families. Here are some helpful tips for treating head lice.

Day 1
Over-the-counter treatment - use as directed.

Day 4
After the first treatment: Gold Listerine, saturate hair for 10 minutes, rinse out, and comb out nits.


  • Comb out nits every day, use a lice comb to section off hair. Every time you comb through the hair, wipe off the comb with tissue and discard tissue (this lessens your chances of getting nits back into the hair that you have cleared).

  • Use coconut shampoo and conditioner (Suave makes a cheap option)

  • Use an over-the-counter lice spray in cars (be sure to get car seats) and on household furniture (getting back on the couch).

  • Bag for 2-3 weeks: throw pillows, hats, stuffed animals, hair bands, headphones, or anything that was on the child's bed.

  • Wash and 2 dryer cycles: bedding, pillows, sheets, etc…

  • Bed pillow: wash and dry as above. Put the pillow in a trash bag, and seal it with tape. Put a pillowcase over the trash bag and replace it every day (this step alleviates washing the pillow every day).

  • Sweatshirts & hoodies: before you put in the washer machine, turn the hoods right side out.

  • Hairbrushes: If you are able to, purchase 4-5 brushes from the Dollar Store. Label 4-5 Ziploc bags. Each day, after the child uses a hairbrush, remove hair from the brush, use spray, put the hairbrush in the labeled bag then rotate the brushes.

  • Retreat according to over-the-counter treatment directions (usually 7-10 days). The treatment will not kill the nits, only the live lice, that is why you need to comb through hair every day.

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