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Steps To Stay Covered If You Have Medicaid Or State-Sponsored Insurance

Dear Patients and Families,

Pediatric Associates is writing to inform you about important steps you must take if you or your children are covered by Medicaid or a state-sponsored insurance. A federal law passed in response to COVID-19 made sure that no one has lost their insurance coverage since 2020 - however, changes are coming and families who are no longer eligible or who cannot be reached could lose their coverage.

What this means for you. Your insurance company is going to review everyone's coverage over the next several months. It is very important that your insurance company can contact you, and if you are contacted, you reply immediately to requests for information. If you do not respond, you could lose coverage, even if you are still eligible.

Steps you should take to stay covered:

  • Update your contact information with your insurance company.

  • Reply immediately to any requests. If you need help, visit and enter your zip code for further assistance.

  • Check your new provider network. If you are selecting a new plan, and wish to stay with our office, please make sure we are in-network for the new plan.

We care that you stay covered! It is very important that you take these steps to make sure you don't lose health coverage.


Thomas J. Abbamont, MD, FAAP

Steven P. Nicolais, MD, FAAP

Coreena L. Weaver, MD, FAAP

Daniel S. Saarie, MD, FAAP

Wayne A. Leavitt, MD, FAAP

Jennifer A. Rufa, MD, FAAP

Esther A. Livingstone, MD, FAAP

Emily E. Smith, MD, FAAP

Katherine J. Dunham, MD, FAAP

Renee E. Boulware, MD, FAAP



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