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Identify and Avoid Text Message Payment Scams

Recently, we have been notified of patients receiving text messages from Pediatric Associates asking for payment. Our practice does not ask for money via text message. We only send paper invoices and you can always visit our website to view your patient portal and utilize bill pay.

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Tips From the FTC and FCC to Help Protect Yourself From Text Scams

Don't Respond

Don't reply to, or click links in, unsolicited text messages. Even if the message asks you to "text STOP" to end, don't respond.

Don't Provide Information

Legitimate companies won't ask for personal or financial information via text message, such as passwords, PINs, usernames, or credit or debit card numbers.

Delete Suspicious Texts

Delete all suspicious texts.

Verify the Sender

Ask yourself why the sender is asking for your information, and verify the sender's identity.

Report the Scam

Contact the company, bank, or government agency that the scam artist is impersonating. You can also report suspected scams to the FTC at


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